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Inspiring Design: Breeze House at Grand Designs Live

As soon as I saw these wonderful creations by Breeze House at Grand Designs Live I fell completely in love with them. I have a weakness for travel themed decor, and these beautiful garden huts remind me of Thailand and tropical beaches abroad.

There are several different types of huts available in varying sizes, with bespoke options to tailor to different needs. Even better, these lovely Breeze houses get their wood from responsible sources, so they are almost guilt free (except for the price!)

The hut pictured on the above and bottom right is The Oasis, which is the smallest size available. It fits up to 4 people and contains a circular bench and table. In the Breeze House I sat in at Grand Designs the table and benches were removable. I think it would be a lovely area to sit in the evenings, removing the table for a less constricted space or replacing the seats with floor cushions for a more relaxed atmosphere.

The Empire hut, pictured below on the left, is the largest building made by Breeze House. The information sheet I received at Grand Designs Live promises that The Empire can ‘comfortably accomodate 10 armchairs and a table up to 2 metres in diameter’. Armchairs?! How decadent! It can also be used to fit a hot tub. Can I have one now please?


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