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Inspiring Design: Arctic Cabins at Grand Designs Live

Arctic Cabins were tipped by Grand Designs as ‘one to watch’, and I can’t help dreaming about owning one of these crazy BBQ cabins!

Arctic Cabins specialise in beautiful timber buildings which are perfect to add some luxury extra outdoor space. Not only do they make unique BBQ cabins, this company also creates garden offices and arctic camping cabins as well as other structures like summer houses! My favorite has to be the BBQ cabin. After having been in one in person and experienced how cosy yet spacious (if that’s even possible?!) it was I wish I could invest in one!

The BBQ cabin that I had the joy of sitting in had loads of helpful features too! The seats turned into beds and the trays around the BBQ pictured on the right are removable so you can use them on your lap. The design of these cabins is lovely and simple yet it still manages to ooze luxury. The cabins can also be designed and changed with many optional extras. I’ll just keep dreaming of a winter BBQ in one of these cabins..



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