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Inspiring Design: walk in wardrobes at Grand Designs Live

I’m a self confessed storage addict. Shelves, clothes rails, storage boxes, chests of draws..

My ultimate dream item has to be a walk in wardrobe. I don’t have a crazy amount of clothes, but walk in wardrobes are brilliant because they allow enough room to properly organise your items so everything is either on display or easy to find. There are loads of great walk in wardrobe pictures on the internet, some of which will be added to the gallery. My favorites are the ones where the clothes are colour coded, not only is this practical (it makes choosing outfits easier and faster!) it also looks lovely.

The bespoke wardrobes pictured are created by a company called Walk In Wardrobes which I came across as I was leaving Grand Designs Live and had to stay to check out. I was amazed at the inventive ways they use space and storage create functional wardrobes with beautiful aesthetic design. The model pictured above almost looks like a clothes shop, and although that might not be to everyones taste I really like how this particular space works, combining clothes with decorative features like the lamp and vase.

Alternatively, the design below (left)  is a lot more minimal, and the large chest of draws makes this feel more like a wardrobe in a home. This particular room oozes luxury by almost matching the wood of the wardrobe to the wall and decorative floorboards.

In the show wardrobe I visited there was one feature that really caught my eye. Below (right) is a draw used to hang trousers so they can remain neatly folded. I’ve never seen a draw like this before and I think its a really inventive idea. I wish I could have one myself!


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