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Grand Designs Live: Favorite Items

This is my last post on Grand Designs Live, so I thought I’d share a few items that I’d spotted during the day that caught my eye!

I could only find the leaflets with the details for two of the pictures and I will continue to search for the others. The clock is by Marcus Wilkinson and the 12″ flip frames are by Art Vinyl.

This sink made from a lovely material and the way it is dressed for the exhibition with the decorative stones is a really nice touch. The baths were made by the same company and are beautiful too. I love how oval baths have such a luxury feel, while the large bath pictured above is the biggest bath I’ve ever seen!

The three chairs pictured are all charming in their own ways. The wooden chair, pictured left, was featured in the eco part of the exhibition. I was particularly drawn to how the colour scheme of the paint works perfectly with the distressed wood. The cream chair, pictured in the middle, is simple but would add a quirky vintage feel to a room. The writing detail on the fabric is great! The chequered chair, pictured right, is not normally my soft of decor at all as I tend to shy away from small repetitive prints, but the colour of this chair is such a subtle combination of white and pale green that I couldn’t help but love it.

I came so close to buying the large stop-clock, but at £69 I had to restrain myself. Although the picture isn’t clear the background of the clock face is an antique world map. The clock has a distressed look and is absolutely beautiful. I regret not having a little splurge, and this may have to go on my christmas list..

These Art Vinyl clip frames are such a great idea! They are the perfect size for 12″ records, and act not only as functional storage for records but also as a wonderful way of displaying your collection.

I couldn’t believe these amazing melting clocks by Marcus Wilkinson! They are beautifully crafted and so intricately made that I spent so  long looking at the two that were on display. They are fully functional and would be a truly unique addition to a room.


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