Zara Home Wishlist

Every time I pass by a Zara Home when I’m out shopping always have to sneak a peek inside. Although a lot of their stock is out of my price range I love looking at their items and adding things to my wishlist or to use as my own home inspiration.

Here are a few of my favorites from their current collection:

1. Willer Table – This beautiful side table is engraved with a delicate flower pattern. I really like this table because although its simple, it has a lovely design and would look perfect decorated with a vase of flowers or a few books.

2. Orian Cushion – I went a little overboard with the cushions on this post but I couldn’t help it, there were just too many to choose from! This cushion is one of my favorites, although it features a floral print it is a lot more understated than most floral cushions. The muted colour scheme is perfect for the transition into autumn and winter.

3. Fleur Cushion – The Fleur Cushion is a much bolder floral print. Although this is not as winter-themed as many of the items it would look great and help brighten a smaller room.

4. Aurora Box – I love books, especially hard back, bound, antique books. This distressed book box is so cute, and functional too! It could be used to store jewellery or small stationary items.

5. Monique Bread Plate – I have a very eclectic collection of plates, bowls and mugs that I have acquired over my time at university, and I may have to add this one to my hoard! I love the colour scheme of the bird design. If this plate doesn’t fit the rest of your kitchenware, it could always be mounted on a wall and used as decoration.

6. Adam Bathroom Set – These delicate vintage inspired containers could transform any dressing table into a luxury vintage space. My favorite is the Adam Jar (left at the back of the picture) as it is almost Moroccan inspired.

7. Sugree Cushion – The Sugree Cushion has a country-house heritage theme and would look lovely in an arm chair or even to decorate a plain bed.

8. Farm Little Table – I couldn’t believe my luck when I saw this sweet little table on the Zara Home website. The tree-branch legs add to the table’s rustic charm. This has to be my favourite item from all of my choices.

9. Trinidad Cushion – My final cushion choice is this Trinidad Cushion. I was drawn to how the bright design stands out on the nude background pattern.

10. Ramon Shot Glass – I chose to include this Ramon Shot Glass for a couple of reasons. Sharing this item was inspired by my housemates; they love skulls and have a range of skull decor from beautiful ceramic skulls to a pirate flag! This shot glass may have to be a future house purchase. Skulls are also a current fashion trend along with leather and studs, and I like that this seems to have crossed over into small household accessories.

11. Oran Blanket – Cosy blankets are a must for winter, and this blanket has a lovely muted design that is perfect for the change to colder nights.


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