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Room Restyle Project: What I Started With

My current design project is going to be restyling my room in my rented accommodation (as much as I can.) The room came furnished and there  are a load of rules of what I can and can’t do (moving out any of the furniture/painting walls being the top two on the ‘no’ list!). I’m still sure there’s a lot I can do to make my room a more relaxed, enjoyable place to be.

I thought I’d begin by sharing what I had to work with in the first place when I moved in. Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures of my room when it was completely bare. Move in day was really stressful (I queued for almost an hour just to get my keys..) and then there was moving all my things in and trying to unpack everything as soon as possible. I do love my room, it’s very big for a student room and has lovely high ceilings, but panic unpacking has resulted in a lot of cultter which has got to change!

The room was very bare when I first moved in, with only a plain pale blue/green divan bed, typical laminated chipboard wardrobe, a large old wooden chest of draws, 3 fixed shelves, a dark blue desk chair and my favorite item; a battered wooden desk. I love the chimney breast, although it’s a bit of an awkward size which means fitting the entire room layout around function and the chimney, but it adds character to the room. The door to the left of the chimney breast opens onto a surprisingly large cupboard which at the moment I’m not using to its full potential. It’s fitted with a clothes rail which is so useful for extra storage of bulky winter coats and jumpers. Keep checking back for a post on quirky but handy storage solutions, including web inspiration and my own pictures.

The moodboard above shows what I have to work with in terms of colours and the furniture that came with the room as the floor plan furniture is the most similar I could find to whats actually in my room. I want to continue with the purple and cream colour scheme, while complimenting them with slightly more blue/green colours to match the carpet.

To create the floor plan of my room I used, which is great and easy to use. They’re still not perfect or by no means to scale. This is one of my first attempts at creating a floor plan using a computer, my first being SketchUp which I’m still slowly learning. I can’t wait to be taught properly how to use Vectorworks, SketchUp and autoCAD.

In my next post I’ll share my room as it is at the moment, and keep updating as my project progresses!


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