My Home

Room Restyle Project: Current Layout

Over the last week I’ve been working on organising my room, focussing on my most used areas; my desk and my chest of draws/dressing table. I thought I’d include a floor plan above to show how my room has changed and furniture has been added since I first moved in. There was a lovely wooden cabinet from the spare room in our house that I am using for storing clothes, a set of shelves from a charity shop, a set of draws, my keyboard, and a couple of shelving units.

I’m not very satisfied with how I decorated my room either. I did so in a rush to try and make it feel homely, and its ended up looking cluttered and not very well designed at all! It would be nice to have a more adult, simple space to work and relax in. The room was brilliant as it came with lots of nails already in the wall which I’ve been using to hang pictures and decorations, but I feel like almost everything needs to change!

I’m most proud of how my vignette (above, right) looks. Click here to see my post on how I put it together. My desk shelves still need a lot of work but they’re getting there! I want to get a clip frame to put all my cards and some photos from my birthday on display without the clutter.

The Boyfriend took a lovely photograph of the bleak Northern winter weather today which I thought I’d share. This is the view from my rainy window.


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