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Home Project: Vignette Inspiration

Recently ‘vignettes’ have become very popular, with lots of images of lovely inspiration online to choose from. Pictured above are some of my favorite examples. I love how different levels and depths are used, playing with perspective and creating a personal art installation for your own home. My particular favorite is the bottom left picture; I love how the gold and orange are coordinated, and subtly accented by the colour of the tiny flowers behind the telephone. I may have to try and DIY a beautiful gold letter..

Photo sources (left to right): Brunchatsaks, ApartmentTherapy, StyleByEmilyHenderson, SweetSpace, Pinterest

I used this inspiration to create my own vignette within my newly acquired shelves. The house next door were throwing them out and they were more than happy to let me take them off their hands. I’m going to paint them as a little DIY project next week, so come back for a post on their transformation!

For now, here are a few pictures of my own vignette. Space is an issue so this vignette had to be functional as well as decorative. The tiny jam jar is used to store earrings and rings that I wear most days, and its the perfect place to display my every growing collection of interior design books!


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