The Weather Outside Is Frightful..

The colder nights are starting to begin where I live and it would be so lovely to have a stunning fireplace with a warm fire… I can keep on dreaming, but for now I’ll share these wonderful pictures of  fireplace inspiration.

The fireplace on the left is beautifully distressed. I love the vintage feel of this picture and the simple decoration of the mantle piece.

The fireplace on the right has a great colour scheme. The dark blue and bright green work so well together, and I love the little accents of yellow, red and white created by careful choice of accessories.  

This luxury fireplace above is a sleek and modern alternative to the traditional fireplace design. The symmetry of the book cases and the coffee table really pull this space together, while the mismatched books keep it from looking unwelcoming and plain.

I included the image on the left as I’ve never seen a corner fireplace before! I can’t decide whether I actually like it or not, but it’s definitely a quirky and bold idea! The glass panel is a lovely touch.

The seashells in the fireplace on the right are my favorite part of the decoration. The levels of the candle add depth to the fire place and act as a clever alternative to an actual fire. This is such a sweet vignette, and the natural features of this piece, especially the driftwood, are beautiful.


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