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Inspiring Design: Huf Haus

My obsession with the Huf Haus started when I was 13 years old. I’ve watched property and home design programmes for as long as I can remember and in 2004 (I checked, I feel old) one of my favorite Grand Designs episodes aired for the first time. The episode followed a couple in Esher, Surrey who decided to build a Huf Haus with the most amazing result. They were intent on making this pre-fab house their own and painted the bare walls with bright modern colours to reflect their own art inspired by the house. I was completely taken with the idea as back then the Huf Haus was only starting to become well known. Now Huf Haus have bases around the world and I can’t help but post on them.

Huf Haus began as a German based company in 1912 specialising in timber. It expanded over the years to develop their famous pre fabricated houses. The Huf Haus is innovative for many reasons; it is extremely energy efficient using effective insulation and triple glazed glass, adaptable to climate region, and has that unique ‘Huf Haus’ design that so many people lust after. There are several types of house to choose from, ranging from a family house to extensions, so although this house does come with a ready-made layout there is choice to fit the house to your own needs.

A Huf Haus comes pre fabricated and once the pre-fab arrives it can be put up very quickly which is a plus point for people wanting a smooth home build. They also have a showroom featuring loads of wonderful custom fittings for your Huf Haus with many designs to suit you to make this pre-fab home as personal as it can be. Some people would consider this ‘cheating’ and would want complete control over the design and decoration of their home build, but I can see why a Huf Haus would be an appealing option. The design is beautiful and although the easy-build comes at a premium, it guarantees a quality result. Click here to check out their website.

I love the look of the Huf Haus as although it isn’t the most ‘unique’ of houses any more, they do have a charm about them. I always adore houses with pitched roofs and the Huf Haus is a lovely modern transformation of this.


All photos from Huf Haus.

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