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Top Tips To Declutter Your Wardrobe

Overflowing chests of draws, disorganised wardrobe, never being able to find the one top that I want…

When I have too much work to do my clothes always become the least organised part of my room, which always leads to a huge tidy. It’s that time again and I thought I’d share my top tips to declutter your wardrobe with you all.

The photo on the left shows how a perfect a wardrobe can look, and here’s how:


1. Be strict!
I’m always terrible at throwing things out, but sometimes I have to be firm with myself. If I haven’t worn it for quite a while then sometimes I have to just face facts and get rid of it. Giving to charity shops is a great way to get declutter and help a good cause. Alternatively, using websites like eBay  can help make a bit of money from unwanted clothes.

2. Change clothes by season.
While complaining to my housemates about how overcrowded my clothes were, one of them told me about how her mother changes her clothes by season, putting summer clothes in storage for the winter, and visa versa. This is the perfect way for me to keep my wardrobe tidy as there is a lot of tucked away storage space in my room.

3. Sorting is easy!
Sorting out clothes by genre and folding them away neatly makes it quick and simple to put away washing as you know exactly where it will go. It also makes finding clothes, especially in draws, a lot easier!

4. Make it a habit.
Doing a little tidy up of your clothing storage every week means that in the long run there will be no ‘huge sort outs’ and soon the task of tackling a messy wardrobe will seem much less daunting.

5. It can be fun!
Wardrobes and clothing storage doesn’t have to be boring. Arranging clothes by colour can create a lovely feature in a wardrobe or draw, while being practical by making clothes easier to find.
Alternatively, there are some beautiful storage solutions that I’ve found to help you store in style..


Splurging on some quality hangers not only helps your clothes keep their shape while hung but also can be wonderful decorative accessories. The hangers on the left are from Etsy. I love the floral decoration and the choice in colours. The hangers on the right are from Zara Home, and their sleek material would be a classy addition to any wardrobe.

If you want a quirky way to store clothes away from view during the seasons, a clothes storage box is a brilliant solution. This storage box on the left is from Etsy and I think its a wonderful way of making a feature out of storage. There are so many beautiful boxes out there, some available from shops like Ikea and Wilkinsons really cheaply.

Easy ideas like hanging shelves inside a wardrobe or cleverly placed shoe racks can help to tidy away any messy clothes.

I thought I’d share a few pictures from my own declutter. I’m still on the look out for a perfect set of clothes hangers to finish my wardrobe, but here’s what it looks like so far!







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