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Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

As a student in rented accommodation I’ve learnt to fit almost everything I need into one room. I’m lucky that my room is large compared to most of the houses in my area (the upside of going for an older house with less bedrooms,) but it’s still a struggle to keep all my things neat. This got me thinking about storage solutions and while browsing online I found a few great ideas…


Although this is a more luxury, long term solution, these under stairs draws, found hereare a brilliant storage solution. The draws shut under the stairs, making use of the space left there. I love storage that makes use of awkward spaces in the home, as these spaces often produce the best and most innovative designs. Keep checking back for a post on inspiring design for awkward spaces!

When you can’t build outwards, build upwards! Using an elevated bed means that the bed, which is usually the ‘main feature’ of a bedroom, takes up no floor space at all. It also creates a semi-enclosed space that can be utilised to create a separate area within a room. A couple of ideas to use this area include the one shown above, using a hanging desk and shelf to have a workspace that is almost private from the rest of the room. Alternatively, the under-bed space could be utilised as a walk in wardrobe by using clothing rails and shelves effectively. The bed and hanging desk and shelves can be found at Ikea.


For a cheaper, more decorative idea, an attractive suitcase can be used to store items not often in use. As seen in the photo above, found here, the suitcase can be used not only as a decorative item but also practically to use as a shelf or bedside table. If there isn’t the room, then a suitcase is an easy way to achieve under-bed storage without having to buy a specialised box.

For a little extra wardrobe space, hanging shelves are perfect for storing bulky winter jumpers without taking up much room. They’re affordable and can be removed at any time as they work by fastening over the clothing rail within a wardrobe. These hanging shelves are available hereI have some in my own wardrobe and I don’t know what I would do without them!




One thought on “Storage Solutions For Small Spaces

  1. I’ve bypassed all storage needs by just not keeping things. However, those drawers that come out of the stairs are pretty cool.

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