Inspiring Design

Beautiful Baths

One of my favorite things about the house I grew up in was the huge bath. It wasn’t much to look at but it was lovely being able to properly relax in a luxuriously large bath. Since then, I’ve always had a dream of owning my own fantastic bath. Here are a few beautiful baths I found while admiring items online…

This statement black bath is from the Victoria and Albert collection, available hereis a beautifully designed bath. The bath is described as ‘super deep’ which can only mean a really relaxing bath experience. The outside of the bath is made from ‘QUARRYCAST’ limestone and is available in three finishes. A real luxury item!

The stunning roll-top bath above, available here, is a perfect example of how a simple traditional design can still be a striking bathroom feature. The finish of this bath is lovely, and the huge size is a plus! This bath would also look great in a bedroom for a decadent look.

A more contemporary version of the traditional roll-top bath, available hereis a great way of adding a bit of colour into a plain bathroom. Although I’m not too keen on the silver feet, the rest of these baths are lovely. Using coordinated accessories would be one way of making even more of a feature out of these bright baths.

This bath is from a room created by the interior design company IncreationI think this bath is beautiful, and although I’m not normally a fan of very modern baths but this one looks perfect with the rest of the room. I love how the flowers tie in with the accessories colour scheme. Amazing!

The bath above, available herehas to be my favorite of all. Although its the most decadent, I love the oval shape and the finish of the bath. It looks so clean and perfectly crafted! Its also the biggest bath here, and I can definitely dream of relaxing in it.


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