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Inspiring Design: VW Camper

It may not be a house, but a VW Camper is definitely a cute alternative. The classic ‘Type 2’ model was originally released in 1950 and since then it has become an iconic vehicle with a huge fan club. I’m one of them.

When I was young one of my older cousins and his girlfriend had an orange VW Camper and I absolutely loved it whenever I got to sit in it! I always found the idea of a home on wheels absolutely amazing – you could go anywhere and just stay for the night, sleeping under the stars…

Of course the reality isn’t that simple. Classic VW Campers are old cars and need a lot of love and TLC. Parts will need replacing, the body repainting, keeping on top of rust, as well as the general maintenance that any car will need. I’ve heard horror stories of people running out of money and having to sell their camper project due to the amount of restoration needed. Some people may not think it’s worth the hassle, but the dedicated number of people who do have fantastic cars. The Camper above, found here, is a beautiful example of what loving care can achieve. The outside of this van is such a beautiful vintage colour, and the contrasting inner striped seats and raisable roof add so much charm to this vehicle.

The interior of the Camper above, found hereshows how homely an interior of a camper can be. The cushions add such a cosy touch to the inside, creating a proper sofa for relaxing as opposed to a typical car seat. I love how the blanket ties all the colours together into a coherent, vintage inspired scheme.

Some owners choose to give their VW Campers a total make over, combining modern styles with classic vintage looks. The Camper above, found here, has been wonderfully decorated. The floor is bold but works with the rest of the understated interior. The blue piping on the cream seats is gorgeous.

Due to the small size of the VW Camper owners have to get inventive with space if the vehicle is going to be used for practical camping trips. The modified Camper above, found here, shows how the space can be used effectively. The shelves on the backs of the door are practical and look wonderful, while folding tables and raisable roofs are options to maximise space.

If hippy is your style, this Campervan above, found here is an amazing example of how personal a Camper can be. The outside has been hand painted and the inside lovingly decorated with personal items to make this a real home.

I love that a ‘home’ doesn’t always have to be a house or a flat, and a home is most definitely what you make it. The care and attention to detail that has gone into these Campers shows perfectly how much of a home-away-from-home these wonderful vehicles can be.


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