Inspiring Design

Inspiring Design: Rattan Garden Chairs

It may be cold outside, but I’m already dreaming of spending summer days in the garden relaxing in the sunshine. Rattan garden furniture is often simple in design, but that doesn’t stop it from being beautiful to look at. Most of the rattan garden chairs I’ve come across have been traditional with a box-like shape or a slightly curved back. While browsing online I found a few rattan chairs that break this mould with amazing results.

These chairs, found here, are the closest to the traditional chairs I’ve found. I love the shape of the backs of the chairs, the deep curve is beautiful to look at. The table compliments the chairs perfectly, matching the angle and making this a great set of furniture. I’m not too keen on the colour, although it would make the transition between seasons well.

The box-like traditional design of rattan furniture has been taken to a minimalistic level in the furniture set above, found here. This design is incredibly simple but really effective. The matching white tops of the benches and table ties this set together.

These futuristic pod-like chairs, found here, is an example of how the pattern of the rattan can be used with shape to create a perfect design. I love how the pattern zig-zags down the side creating a beautiful chair. The choice of colours is also broad, ranging from traditional to a little bit of space-age silver!

If the whole idea of rattan furniture is a bit too plain, why not try a rattan bar? I thought this bar, found here, is such a great idea. Its modern and simple, but a quirky alternative to a traditional ‘table and chairs’ set. The design of the chairs is really cure, the cut out detail at the bottom is a really nice touch.

Ok, so its a dream item, but I couldn’t help it. This Moroccan inspired garden mini-hut, found here, is wonderful. Everything from the shape to the weave of the rattan is lovely and I wish I could have one of my own. This is perfect for lounging around in the summer reading a book…



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