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Inspiring Design: Luxury Loft Living

In July I’ll have to leave my lovely student house and move on to somewhere new. While browsing online to find somewhere to live I can’t help but end up looking at totally impractical but beautiful flats. Loft apartments come at a premium but I love how they look, often having lots of unique features, double height ceilings or pitched roofs. Luxury loft apartments are often found in already fashionable or up-and-coming areas adding to their appeal. Sadly, loft living isn’t a possibility for me, but for now I’ve put together a post of some of my favorite loft spaces I’ve found so far.
I love the huge windows letting both light and the view into the room. Placing such a bold view against plain walls and a modern interior lets the cityscape act as a real-life artwork. Amazing!
The staircase in this loft is stunning! The curve is beautiful and it feels like a continuation of the pristine white walls, ceiling and supports. The flooring is the perfect colour to compliment the white, making this space slightly warmer and feel more like a place to live than a modern art studio!The double height ceilings often found in loft apartments create a space that feels more like a house than a flat. I love how open the space is in the loft above, and the furniture is used cleverly to create separate living areas and a homely feel.

Loft apartments in converted buildings can offer amazing, individual spaces. The loft above has such a fantastic ceiling! The windows in the roof let in so much light while still showcasing the beautiful beams to their full beauty.

Loft spaces don’t have to be modern. This loft above is really homely, and the exposed brick wall is a lovely touch.

This loft above may be empty but it shows the full spatial potential of a luxury apartment. The curtained balcony is something I haven’t seen before but I think its great! The trees outside the window provide a bit of privacy while adding colour to this light, bright area.

Although this isn’t the largest room in the gallery it still has so much charm I had to share it! I love the little balcony and the french foor windows, they look amazing against the exposed brick wall.


Properties found at Urban Spaces. and Unique Property Company.

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