Winter Wishlist

The weather where I live pretty cold! The constant drizzle is making me want to tuck up indoors and enjoy the cosy comforts that winter brings. I thought I’d create a wishlist of some of my favorite items around with a winter feel. To see where I found each item just click the bit in bold. Enjoy!

V&A Passion Flower Bedding – I love the understated colour of this bed, it has a real autumn/winter feel and looks great with the white walls in the picture. It would look great on a statement bed dressed with some pretty cushions.

Clarissa Hulse Garland Woven Cushion – I love anything in a green/blue hue, and this cushion is no exception. I love that the fabric is really textured which makes the light design stand out perfectly.

Dustin Christmas Mirror – This mirror has such a homely, traditional Christmas theme! It reminds me of the homemade christmas decorations from when I was little.

Evan Frame – This photo frame is really christmas themed! The ‘Santa Red’ colour is great for a warm colour scheme. It would be so cute to use it for a family holiday photo!

Heart Memo Board – Ok, this isn’t really that winter-themed, but I loved how kitsch this heart memo board is! I think this could be an easy DIY project for over my winter break and something I really want to try. It would also really compliment the ‘Christmas Mirror’!

Winter Spice Fragrences – I haven’t had a chance to smell these yet but I’m already drawn to the name ‘Winter Spice’. I have a candle that smells just like mulled wine and every time I light it it reminds me of cosy winter memories with all my friends.

Key Holder – I love this. I just had to include it as I’ve been on the lookout for something to hold my keys for a while now, and I think this idea is wonderful. If I ever come across a key that is big enough this is definitely one DIY project I want to try.

Toddy Box – The muted colours on this box make this a great winter accessory. The vintage coloured Union Jack is a popular design at the moment and this little box is a cute way to incorporate it into your home.

Nee Vase – This vase is beautiful and I love the design on the front. It almost looks like a Christmas tree decoration!

Birgit Basket – This may well be Santa’s basket (the red and white colour scheme, ho ho ho…) but I still think its lovely.

Multipaisley-Raymond Bed – This whole bed looks so cosy and I just want to snuggle up in it! The textured cushions add a bit of quirk to make this a really personal way of dressing a bed.


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