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Beautiful Bedding

Long time no see! I wanted to apologise for the lack of posts this week, a lot has happened and I’ve ended up with a bit of an impromptu ‘fresh start’. On the theme of  fresh starts, I thought I’d share my fresh (hehe) new bedding and a little clip frame that I bought over the weekend.

Wilkinsons has slyly become one of my favorite home stores. Although none of the things it stocks are particularly ‘unique’ or high quality, they’re really affordable and I’ve come across some lovely finds there. They also have a sale section where things are even cheaper.. Brilliant!The bedding I purchased was the Davenport Duvet Set. I got it in the sale and it was only £10 (reduced from £20) which was a total bargain. I thought the quality wouldn’t be that great but its so cosy and I’m so glad I treated myself to it! There’s nothing better than climbing into a freshly made bed. I also bought a mattress topper that was £4. Its quite thin but it makes so much different on my old mattress. The checkered blanket in the picture was a Christmas present last year from my Dad. Its by Avoca and its the softest thing ever!

A couple of my walls were looking pretty bare so my housemate suggested making a fun photo collage. I bought a clip frame that was £2.50, its not the prettiest thing but it allows all of the space to be used  for pictures so they’re the main focus! I used of all my favorite (and hilarious/hideous) photos from University and I love how personal it is!


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