Inspiring Design

Cute Cube Storage

cubit_loft_EL_13sep12_pr_b_320x480While looking online for small space storage tips I came across the Cubit ‘cube shelves’ pictured above and couldn’t resist looking for more ways that these cube shelves can be used for both tidying away items and making personal installations in a room. The Cubit shelves, found here, are great as they combine different shapes to make sure the wall doesn’t get too repetitive. This creates a great modern installation in the home using items as the art!8220024861_309bc8a136I love how these shelves melt into each other and create a really beautiful vignette. These shelves, found herehave a gorgeous, soft vintage colour scheme, accenting the white of the shelves here and there with colourful pieces. Storing items away in pretty boxes is a great way of storing little treasures away and using any quirky possessions, like the old camera, add character to a perfectly coordinated display.small-spaces-storage-cubeCube shelves are versatile and don’t have to just be hung on the wall. The shelves above, found hereare stacked to create practical storage. Combining matching boxes to store items and stand out pieces like the tiny vintage cases makes this functional combination of shelves a beautiful display. Adding flowers and photographs to shelves that are in use helps to make them seem less practical and more personal.241787073715443021_EP8u9iHC_cI love how the picture above, found here, combines shelves with garden boxes to give this kitchen a rustic feel. The gold tap perfectly compliments the hue of the wood and the pops of green make this a stunning space. The attention to detail here is lovely; the tiny pots match the green and autumnal hues of the room.


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