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The Shed Search Is On.. Almost!

Garden sheds are a brilliant way of having extra outside space. Sheds are extremely versatile, from variations in appearance to a variety of uses they are a cheap and effective way of adding an extra room to your home. UK Planning guidelines state that garden sheds need to be at least 2 metres away from the house, but other than that the guidelines vary on your structure so its best to check first before you buy!

100275529173263160_6OTkLRxU_cYesterday my Dad told me that he’s considering getting a garden shed to have some extra space to make art at my parents home as there are no spare rooms to use instead. He’s not fully decided on the idea yet, but I really hope he decides to go for it! Amazingly, he said that I can use the room as space to work when I’m staying with my parents over holiday periods, which would be really great. If he does decide to build a shed then expect a whole host of shed related posts as I’ll be involved in the design process over the Easter period if all goes to plan. For now I thought I’d share a few shed inspiration pictures found across the internet..

221028294181541184_S3upAvYO_cI love how the outside of this shed, found hereis distressed. The shabby-chic wood and slap-dash worn paint are beautiful. The cut heart accessory on the door and the vintage chair add to this shed’s rustic charm.

61361613642414436_qx4O5FDj_cI always find it amazing how much can fit into a small space! As the size of sheds is restricted by planning permission making the most of the room you have is so important! In the shed above, found here, this space is functional as a workroom. The storage acts as display making this room both personal and practical.

13088655136958155_UNDvhYX8_cIf I had my own way I would build the shed from scratch. One of my best friends has built loads of sheds in the past and I really want to learn how to actually build a structure myself. My Dad will probably want to buy a pre-fab shed from somewhere which will be an easy build and will leave more time for sound-proofing and decoration! I can’t help but fall for the home-made charm of the hut above, found on Pinterest,which is a great example of how a home build can have character! I love the mismatched doors, windows and wood. This hut has real personality.

100091212The shed above, found hereis probably the closest example to what we’ll end up having in the interior. Space to move around will be essential, as will functional storage. The desk space will have to be much bigger than the one above, but this is a great starting point to work from when thinking about how to style the interior!


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