Where The Wild Things Are inspired Bedroom

Screen Shot 2013-01-20 at 19.07.43.pngAfter watching the film Where The Wild Things Are I was amazed at how beautifully made this film was. The sets were incredible, and I want to build my own amazing fort from trees! This got me thinking about grown-up ways of incorporating some of these themes into an interior.

Boat, Etsy The whole film has a sense of adventure, and what better representative of adventure and travel than a boat? Simply placed on a shelf or used as a wall decoration a small boat makes a great accessory to personalise a room.

Print, Etsy – This quote has to be my favorite from the film and it actually made me cry the first time I watched it! There are lots of Where The Wild Things prints available on Etsy to suit any interior theme.

Fluffy cushions, Fab – These fluffy cushions reminded me of the fluffy creatures! Faux fur cushions are a perfect addition to a winter interior, they’re also snug too!

Mirror, Black Orchid The natural design of this mirror compliments the shades of the cushions, while reminding me of the beautiful hand built fort in the film.

Cream throw, John Lewis – Ok, so it’s not a wolf one-piece, but this throw can be just as soft and cosy!

Duvet set, Clarissa Hulse – I thought the pattern of this duvet was lovely and natural, while reflecting the rich, dusty colours the film was shot in. It also has a bit of a patch work, homely feel if you’re worn out from too many adventures!


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