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Moroccan Inspiration

During my second Diploma project I’ve been looking at inspiration for Moroccan style interiors. I love so many things about these interiors, from the dark woods to the pops of vibrant colour. I thought I’d share some of my Moroccan inspiration in a post.

1e25e1ea9e0ead87eb7815e5cdbbbcedI began by looking at Moroccan colours, and I thought these spices were a perfect example of the vibrant range of colours that can be incorporated into a Moroccan themed interior. My favorites are the turquoise and lavender! (Image found here.)

12436f9e8afec896ba8520d15345d1cdI love the sumptuous feel of this room! Everything from the patterned rug to the intricately painted doors show an amazing attention to detail. This shade of green works so well with the bright pink cushions, an idea that could easily be used to brighten up a plain interior. One of my favorite aspects of Moroccan interiors are the Moroccan Arches. I think the shape is beautiful and I’d love to have one in my home one day!

8f4be9c82c7859ec18f8b0be10d74566The doors in this room are absolutely wonderful! I love the simple but interesting design which compliments the patterned flooring. The dark wood bed and bright soft furnishings finish the Moroccan theme of this room. Try using dark wood furniture in a light, bright room to give a Moroccan feel! (Image found here.)

I thought I’d include a photo to show how simple items can create a Moroccan style interior in your own home. Here, brightly patterned soft furnishings like rugs and cushions are carefully chosen to add colour to the interior, while other items such as the small white table and wall decorations bring Morocco into the home.
To view my Morocco Inspiration Pinterest board, click here.


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