Monochrome Inspiration Board

Last night I was watching David Attenborough’s Africa with my housemates and it always amazes me how beautiful this programme is! One of my friends suggested I tried creating a monochrome theme inspired by the zebras that featured in the programme. I’m not a fan of zebra print interiors, but I thought I’d make an inspiration board with a few black and white ideas.
Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 12.59.54.pngAddison Knob found here. Beat Stool found here. Nyota Vase found here.

I found this beautiful zebra photograph (here) and used this as my primary inspiration.The clean black colour and varied whites that blend to grey on the ears reminded me of the popular ‘dip dye’ theme that’s so popular in the fashion world at the moment. I thought the clock was a really great way to incorporate varied shades of black, grey and white into an interior.

The stark contrast of the black and white fireplace is beautiful, and something I would like to try and recreate in my own home one day! Feature fireplaces are wonderful, and I can’t help but be drawn to them.

The heavily patterned bathroom floor is a great example of how monochrome doesn’t have to be plain and boring! The classy bath adds the plain block colours that complete this room.

I love the ‘Beat Stool’ and how it brings a different texture to a plain interior. It fits the monochrome theme while adding a unique touch. The Skull Candle was a little image I put in for my housemates, who have an amazing collection of decorative skulls. I thought the ‘Addison Knob’ and the ‘Nyota Vase’ are cute little additions to give a monochrome interior some quirk and personality.

This image is of a book print wallpaper, but I love the idea of coordinating books to go with a colour scheme! Why not try covering books in wrapping paper to create an art display in your own home that matches your theme? Tutorial coming soon!


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