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Inspiring Design: The Restoration Man

Channel 4 (UK) is amazing for all kinds of property programmes. From Grand Designs to Location, Location, Location I’m addicted to them all. Recently, I’ve become obsessed with The Restoration Man, a programme about people who choose to take on the challenging but rewarding task of restoring buildings of historical interest. Each episode follows the process of a restoration with problems ranging from planning permission to unexpected circumstances. My favorite part is always the finished house, and seeing how the interiors have been chosen and designed to suit the building’s history while still remaining contemporary and functional.

I thought I’d share a some photographs of two of my favorite projects; The Oast House and The Water Tower. All images found here.

high-res-0275 (1)Oast Houses are beautiful and remind me of my childhood holidays in Kent. I love their quirky roofs and their character! I was so excited when I saw this episode and their high quality restoration didn’t disappoint me.1643 (1)The lounge area is beautiful, and I can’t stop staring at the stunning roof ceiling! The interior is understated, but the slight pops of colour work well in such a light, bright space.1793The restoration of this building is pristine! I love the pale furniture in a classic design. This bright, romantic bedding adds a country charm to the room.c61890da-62d4-4606-9ed7-d054b5b5b52f_625x352This Water Tower is a truly spectacular building! It dominates the landscape and demands attention and was worthy of a stunning restoration. Although there were few photographs of the interior, it was the rooftop addition that really captured me…d629f664-856d-412b-b1a4-53dc085dc50d_625x352This pebble-floored room overlooks a stunning view! Simply furnished, this lounge lets the outside in, letting the landscape act as the centrepiece.2574dd82-68a9-4dc0-bcd7-27c8781a7b42_625x352The spiral staircase leading up to the rooftop addition is simple but stylish. Although I feel like I would get tired of climbing up one everyday, I love the varied designs available and the look of spiral staircases!2b4b0048-ccd4-41cc-83ce-80d370746edb_625x352The exterior deck of the rooftop addition is a perfect outside space. This deck really makes the most of the incredible view!


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