My Home


I thought I’d share a little update of where my room is at currently! I’ve changed a lot around since various posts, with a new floorplan and some photographs of my room’s latest thrifty additions in a post coming soon. For now, here are a few pictures of my favorite parts of my room at the moment.IMG_0658I fell in love with this rose twine the first time I saw it and just had to have it. In my room back in London it was wrapped around the top of my princess four poster bed (which was £120 from Ebay, bargain for a princess bed!) I thought I’d bring it to my home up North to add a bit of romance to my plain mirror. I decorated the sides with little memories that have been slowly growing during the year.IMG_0660This is my little Thailand inspired vignette, which has to be one of my favorite parts of my room. The little statues were bought in Thailand, while all the photo frames and candle holders were from charity shops. The vase is a beautiful birthday present from my housemates who know about my love of elephants! One of my favorite pieces is my mother’s old polaroid camera, amazing!IMG_0661I found this map in Chatuchak in Bangkok and I bought it straight away. The map is hand painted with coffee paint, and it’s absolutely beautiful.IMG_0659I bought this ‘whatnot’ from a charity shop (hence it’s bad condition) but it was a bargain! The rest of the shelves are for practical use but I thought I’d use the top shelf to display a few items.IMG_0662And a picture of the snowy Northern weather! This is the view from my room at the moment, lovely.


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