Decor8 Blog Boss

Decor8 Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss Course

I’m so excited. Why? Because today I received the log in details for the Blog Boss course, run by Holly Becker (of Decor8 fame). I’ve been a follower of Decor8 for a while now and I love this blog for so many reasons. The photography is always beautiful, and Holly’s Pinterest page really is a guilty pleasure of mine. I also love the variety of articles posted, from home tours to colour inspiration Decor8 really is a treat.8003000644_832e112450_o For Christmas I received Holly’s ‘Decorate Workshop’ book and couldn’t stop pouring over the stunningly put together pages. Keep checking back for a review soon! I was aware that Holly offered e-courses to help Bloggers but to be honest my blog was nowhere near together enough and I wasn’t ready to invest any money in what started out as a hobby. Now, I love my little blog and although it may still be tiny, it’s become something I’m really proud of.
A few days ago I was perusing the internet when the little ‘e-course’ sign on the Decor8 sidebar caught my eye. I couldn’t resist taking a peek. I couldn’t believe it when the Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss Course had spare spaces. It’s home study (my favourite!) and lasted four weeks which is perfect for me. And it was affordable too, I felt that $129 (about £85) was totally worth it for the content covered, access to resources, tutors and the community I’ll gain from it. Today I signed up and I’ve already discovered so many wonderful interior blogs to spend my time reading. The course content seems perfect for me too as a beginner who wants to expand North Leads To Home in the future!

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