Thanks Everyone, Have A Colour Scheme!

Today I reached my best every views and gained several new followers. This is just a little post to say hello to anyone new and to say a big thank you to everyone who is a regular reader. It sounds a bit cheesy but it’s really lovely that people seem to enjoy reading this blog, and what started as a side project has become something that I really love spending my time doing.

I thought I’d share a colour scheme I created using the ‘ColorSchemer’ app available on the iTunes app store. It’s free, and allows you to create colour schemes from scratch using various colour wheels, or pick colours out of a photograph you can upload. It’s so much fun to use and totally addictive. Your colour schemes can be public, so it’s a great place to pick out inspiration too!

This colour scheme is called ‘Beautiful Stone’, and it was inspired by the Wentworth Paving I came across today.


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