Personal Inspiration

Personal Inspiration #1: Elephants

I thought I’d start a new weekly feature for Mondays: Personal Inspiration. I wanted to share things in my life that I love, and I thought I’d dedicate a little post and some photos to each.

Everyone has a favourite ‘thing’ they like on decorations (or at least myself and my friends do!) Ali loves butterflies, Gary loves skulls, and I am totally obsessed with elephants. This obsession began when I travelled to Thailand in the summer of 2011 (see my post on it here). I rode a real elephant, which was both scary and hilarious!198753_10150739904195541_6862085_n (1)I fell head over heels for the elephant printed fabrics and ornate elephant decorations. When I came back to Britain I’ve slowly acquired more elephant items through bargain buying and thoughtful gifts, including:
– Silver elephant – Charity shop
– Elephant vase – my housemates Ali & Gary
– Small decorated elephant – Thailand
– Two elephant print throws – Thailand
– Two elephant cushions – Thailand
– An elephant print – Thailand
– We can see a recurring theme here..!
IMG_0660I put together a few elephant products I found online in a wishlist for everyone to enjoy! I think they’re absolutely wonderful.

What’s your favourite interior decoration theme?


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