Book Review: Young House Love

photoYoung House Love is possibly my favourite blog ever, if I’m allowed to say that! They were one of the first interior/DIY blogs that I came across on the world-wide-web and I completely fell in love with it. For anyone who loves perfectly styled interior pictures, great how-tos, and a really personal point of view I would urge you to check Young House Love out. It really is an amazing blog!

When I found out that Sherry and John, the creators of Young House Love, were publishing a book I couldn’t wait for it to come out (so I may have pre-ordered it, checking my email like a crazy lady until it was dispatched…). Young House Love (the book) exceeded all of my expectations. All of the pages are beautifully put together, with lots of gorgeous photos and everything was well explained. The book consists of ‘243 ways to paint, craft, update and show your home some love!’ There’s a great mix of content too; easy how-tos, DIY skills explained, guest projects from bloggers, and a wonderful section on easy accessories projects – my absolute (2)

Most importantly for a DIY book, all of the projects were well explained and illustrated making them easy to follow at home. The difficulty of the projects vary, from simple ideas for the DIY beginner to exciting, unique projects for the more confident home enthusiasts.

photo (1)The projects range from practical interior pieces like re-upholstering chairs to amazing gifts and even party décor!

Click HERE to buy Young House Love on Amazon.


As you can see, I have so many ideas I want to try out at home! Follow my Instagram: @northleadstohome and Twitter: @kikinlth to receive updates on how I get along with my own attempts.


(PS: sorry for the poor quality photos, the Big Camera Question has yet to be answered!)

6 thoughts on “Book Review: Young House Love

  1. Great review Kiki. And the super geek in me LOVES the post its ready to go! I love YHL too – I was very lucky that Santa (aka my mum who was in the States in December) tracked it down for me! I need the sun to come out and then the projects can start. Let us know how you get on lovely xx

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