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Inspiring Design: Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai


Atlantis, The Palm, is an exclusive, 5* hotel situated in Dubai. This hotel is stunningly designed, with the website citing influences from the ocean and its Arabian location. I picked a couple of the most breathtaking suites to share today; the Royal Bridge Suite and the Neptune Suite.03This hallway in the Royal Bridge Suite is beautiful. The classy, sleek stone is stopped from being impersonal and overbearing with lush foliage and bright, opulent lights. This photo really does look like a hallway to paradise!16I love the simplicity of this balcony, using the stunning view as the decoration and allowing visitors to take it in without distracting decor. I love the subtle incorporation of the ‘Atlantis’ theme with the shell detail in the metal balcony and the coned shells on top of the stone pillars.02 (1)This decadent bedroom has a chilled, neutral colour scheme perfect for winding down after a day out having adventures! The light shades and dark wood accents are a perfect combination, adding to this room’s luxury feel.15I think that this little relaxing room has a lovely, refined elegance. This stylish chez long and the telescope are lovely additions to make this the perfect room to retire to.
3734Royal Bridge Suite floorplan… I can’t get over how many rooms there are!01Why is the Neptune Suite called the Neptune Suite? Because you have crazy views into the Lost Chambers Aquarium, that’s why. I honestly think if I got there I would never be able to sleep, but at least I’d have loads of wonderful fish to look at!08This sitting area in the Neptune Suite has everything you’d expect from a 5* hotel. The winding staircase is gorgeous, and the understated but rich colour scheme manages to be both relaxing and decadent.3714As you can see from this floorplan, the Neptune Suite is spread over three floors!

What do you think of the Atlantis? And what’s your dream hotel to stay at? I’m still searching for mine!


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