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Inspiring Design: Space Saving Studio Apartments

Although studio apartments may sometimes lack square footage, that doesn’t mean the space can’t be used both efficiently and beautifully. I searched the internet to share the best examples of studio apartments used to their full potential, and the results are absolutely amazing!

In the two images above, simple ideas such as a well places cloths rail or a loft bed can save on space and also create a unique look for your studio flat. These ideas can be inexpensive, but have maximum impact. The loft bed is also a great purchase for small, rented properties, allowing work/storage space without making permanent changes.

Structural changes can also change the look of your studio flat. By raising the floor in the ‘bedroom’ area, this creates a small but visible separation between the ‘living’ and the ‘bedroom’ spaces. For a more ambitious project, a mezzanine floor is both fashionable and practical. I’m a huge fan of mezzanine floors, and I think they’re a great way of adding both style and space to a small flat with high ceilings.

These photos illustrate two really simple ideas to add a bit of privacy to the area where you sleep. I love the inventive idea of this footboard! It would be easy to recreate at home, and would act to screen off the rest of your flat for a nice relaxing sleep. Alternatively, for full privacy some full length curtains can be easily installed to completely separate the bed from your living area.

I thought I’d include a couple of photos to show that studio apartments don’t have to just be practical! I love the blue colour scheme of the room on the left. The layout is perfect, and by turning the sofa away from the bed a slight separation is achieved. The country inspired room on the right is absolutely stunning! The bath is a decadent touch, and while this room may lack storage space it definitely makes up for it in charm.


One thought on “Inspiring Design: Space Saving Studio Apartments

  1. “By raising the floor in the ‘bedroom’ area, this creates a small but visible separation between the ‘living’ and the ‘bedroom’ spaces.”
    Agree with you. It’s a great idea if we have a small space.

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