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Inspiring Design: Inventive Accessories

Accessories are one of my favorite parts of any interior. They are what makes a room personal, and somewhere to call home, not just a nicely furnished and decorated space. The best thing about accessories is that they can be absolutely anything! From sentimental items to specially designed ‘decorative’ pieces, I love the wide and create range of items people use to accessorise their homes.  I thought I’d dedicate a post today to some of my favorite vintage or salvaged items that can be used as inventive accessories.

Vintage perfume bottles are a great little accessory to add a bit of salvaged glam to any room. I thought I’d include a photo to show how bottles can be arranged to make a little art display in your own home! Bottles could be used in a vignette, while a single, ‘classic’ perfume bottle with an atomiser could be a lovely addition to a dressing table top.

Antique typewriters are a beautiful piece to have in your home. As a writer, it’s one of my dreams to own an antique typewriter one day! They make a lovely stand-alone piece, or could be accessorised with other items.

Wood is a simple but versatile home accessory. An interesting piece of wood can act as art on a countertop, while placing wood in a decorative basket can add rustic charm to a room.

Singer sewing machines are classic decorative items. Every time I pass a window of All Saints -a clothing shop that has a window display full of Singer machines- I’m reminded of how beautiful they are! In a similar way to a typewriter, they can look beautiful as a single piece or as part of a styled display.


5 thoughts on “Inspiring Design: Inventive Accessories

  1. Love old perfume bottles! I got one last weekend at a flea market in Paris and in my last blog post I showed how I’ve arranged it on my bureau in the bedroom. I’m hunting for more of them though =)

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