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Insta-Week & Celebrations!

Today has been lovely for several reasons. It’s my housemate Ali’s birthday and we spent the morning sipping champagne and giving gifts. She loved the bunting I gave her, and her reaction was brilliant! I also woke up to find that I had reached 101 followers on North Leads To Home. All I can say is thank you! Its surreal but great, and I hope you all enjoy reading this blog as much as I do writing it.

To celebrate, I thought I’d share a few Instagram photos of my week, some from my account and some new! To check out my Instagram account, @northleadstohome, click here.

This week I visited a lovely bar (left), with the most decadent fireplace! I love the chandelier and the way the table is arranged to mirror the fireplace. I also finally got around to taking a picture I like of the CocaCola bottle I upcycled (right). I promise I’ll do a post on how I did it soon!

Ali and I tidied the house yesterday in preparation for her birthday. It took absolutely ages but it’s wonderful having such a clean house! The bathroom has never looked so good, not that I’m biased or spent most of my afternoon cleaning it or anything..!

For Ali’s birthday I bought her some bunting from Etsy (left). I knew it was perfect when I saw it as its made with her two favourite colours, and one of the flags has butterflies on it! I’m happy to see it’s taken pride of place above her bed. For Ali’s birthday we had a champagne breakfast. I couldn’t resist making a little vignette with the champagne on Ali’s already beautiful bedside table.


2 thoughts on “Insta-Week & Celebrations!

  1. Hi Im Michelle a fellow BYW student saying hi 🙂
    Who doesnt love champagne for breakfast and having a Birthday excuse is even better 🙂 Im a big bunting fan too I just think its so pretty and you can put it anywhere to add a bit of personality and fun.
    Congrats on the new followers, see you in class!

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