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Decor8 Blog Boss: 8 Blogs That Rock & Why

As some of you may know, this March I enrolled onto the Decor8 Blogging Your Way: Blog Boss course. It’s been an incredible course and already I feel that my blog has improved as a result. Plus, I’ve found so many new blogs to follow which has been one of my highlights of the course so far. As I haven’t had this blog long, I didn’t really feel part of any sort of ‘blogging community’. That’s completely changed now, and it’s made my blogging experience so much more enjoyable! My homework this week is to share 8 blogs that I find inspirational, and explain why. So, in no particular order.. -drumroll please!-


Young House Love
Young House Love was one of the first home improvement blogs that I found and fell in love with. I love their chatty, friendly writing style, and after exchanging a few emails with Sherry, one of the creators, I know that they are as lovely in ‘real life’! On a more visual note, their layout is lovely and bright. Everything important is easy to find and their personal header really shows what their blog is all about. To check out my review on Young House Love’s book, click here.

BlogbannerFeb2013 copy


Bodie and Fou
Bodie and Fou is an absolutely stunning blog. I love the photography and mix of fashion and interiors posts. These two disciplines work so well together, especially as the fashion style featured compliments the interior trends that fill the main portion of the posts.



Sugar & Cloth
Sugar & Cloth has a simple but beautiful layout, which was the first thing that caught my eye when I visited this blog. I kept checking back for new posts as the content is completely original, and a real mix of content, from DIY projects, styling, and fashion trends, to food!


JourneyCount is a lovely travel blog run by one of my best friends, Jade. Jade has travelled around the world and (somehow!) still has many more places to tick off on her journey, which her blog follows. I love JourneyCount’s personal header, and the beautiful photographs that Jade has taken on her travels. She also shares some of the most heartwarming stories she has collected!

editInterior Thinking
Interior Thinking is a great blog with fantastic content! One of my favorite regular posts by Rachel of Interior Thinking is ‘Interior Spotlight On’, which takes a different interior brand each week and looks at their latest pieces. These posts have introduced me to a few new brands which is awesome. I also ended up buying a lovely little cushion from Matalan that I saw in one of Rachel’s inspiration boards.. inspirational indeed!

Header1The Bear & The Bee
The Bear & The Bee is a blog run by two of my fellow Blog Boss coursemates. I’m so glad I was introduced to this blog through Blog Boss as it’s brilliant! Their header is cute and simple, and I have total header jealousy whenever I visit their page. The content of The Bear & The Bee is beautiful, and it’s so enjoyable looking at posts that all feature styles I love.


Fairly Light
Fairly Light is run by another fellow Blog Boss coursemate! I’m head over heels for her ‘Fairly Light’ logo, and the rest of her theme compliments it perfectly. Her posts are equally lovely too, so check them out!header-24

BlueBirdSunshine is a charming blog about family life. I love the simple theme and original, beautiful photos. Really, they’re amazing!




5 thoughts on “Decor8 Blog Boss: 8 Blogs That Rock & Why

  1. Aw, thanks for mentioning me! I think one of the best thing about the Blog Boss course has been finding some fabulous blogs, like yours. I see you’ve had a little header makeover, looks great & I’m sure your blog is going to continue to bloom and blossom. Can’t wait to read more! Xxx

  2. Hi Kiki, lovely to meet you. Just found you through blog boss. Some lovely new blogs to explore from your list. I love Bodie and Fou too and met Karine Kong recently, she’s really lovely in person. Hope you are enjoying the course, I’m a bit behind with homework. Holly is a wonderful teacher. See you in class x

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