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Personal Inspiration #3: Ideal Home Magazine

Apologies for the late post! Yesterday I was out celebrating my housemate Ali’s birthday in the most beautiful pub/restaurent, with a post to come on its amazing decor. As promised, here is Monday’s Personal Inspiration post on Ideal Home Magazine.

Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.49.11.pngBefore I moved to university I loved buying magazines. There is something really luxurious about the glossy covers and beautiful photographs that made magazines a really nice treat. Once I started university and I had to budget, magazines were the first thing to go. A lot of the content is available on the web and paying £2-5 for a magazine were most of the pages are advertising didn’t seem like a great deal. However, after beginning this blog and my Interior Design Diploma I realised that although magazines are costly, they also act as materials for collage and inspiration. (They’re also a nice treat!) So now, every now and again, I’ll treat myself to a magazine, and mostly it’s Ideal Home!Screen Shot 2013-03-19 at 14.50.11.pngIdeal Home is a beautiful magazine. The styling is stunning, but while being aesthetically pleasing this magazine has a lot more to offer. There are regular home tours, helpful ‘how-to’s and most importantly a list most of the items featured in the magazine and where to buy them. I love learning about new home decor stores to peruse on the internet and create wishlists and interior schemes from, and Ideal Home makes this easy, while providing great inspiration too!

I’d also highly recommend the House to Home website, which is a conglomeration of Ideal Home and its sister magazines online. It’s full of great pictures and informative articles for just about anything to do with your home!


8 thoughts on “Personal Inspiration #3: Ideal Home Magazine

  1. I treated myself to a few mag subscriptions a couple of months back and I don’t regret it at all. They can be such a source of inspiration and it’s such a different experience to reading online, I love it. Hadn’t considered Ideal Home, will def take a look next time I’m lurking in the newsagent.

    • I love Ideal Home, the styling is my favorite bit! Any other good magazine recommendations? I’ve bought Homes&Gardens before which was quite good but my local Tesco is somewhat lacking in Interior magazines..!

      • I like Homemaker and The Simple Things – does that make me very middle-aged? 😉 Also I adore Frankie but it doesn’t have an interiors focus. You should get subscriptions happening, much cheaper than paying cover price and there are always good intro offers about making it totally bargainous!

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