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Inspiring Design: The Plough

The Plough is an adorable pub/restaurent, which I visited for my housemate Ali’s birthday. I’d always heard good things about The Plough, although that was mainly the food! When I got there I was amazed at the decor, everything was kitch and upcycled. Any shelves for keeping condiments were made of wooden crates, the tables were decorated with old cans and jars, and ooh the outside seating area.. I took lots of photos which I thought I’d share with you all so you can appreciate the inspiring design of The Plough too!

The table decorations in The Plough set the atmosphere perfectly, and shows the brilliant attention to detail that makes this place so special. I love the recycled bottles as vases, and I’m absolutely crazy about the golden syrup tins! Definitely a future project for me.

The lighting in The Plough was bot inventive and beautiful. Inside, some lovely retro lamps provide comfortable lighting for dining, while outside some jam jars are used around bare bulbs. I loved this jam jar idea, and I’m currently looking in to how to recreate it myself!

Outside, a main table is decorated in complete shabby chic style. It is absolutely beautiful and I wish I’d had a chance to get a better picture! When I return I promise I’ll show this table in all its glory as it really is amazing. Meanwhile, the bathrooms continued the attention to detail shown throughout the decor of The Plough. The exposed pipes in the sink add to its salvaged appearance!

The seating area outside was a lovely place to wait for a table inside. The actual seats themselves were a mix os several of these wonderful seats joined together and some similarly covered benches. We spent a while trying to work out where they came from and we think they look like they may be from an old bus. Wherever they’re from, they’re absolutely gorgeous! The curtains around the seating area at a distance looked like a luxurious silver but up close we realised they were chains. This is such a wonderful mix of the elegant and the salvaged, and by tying them like ‘real’ fabric curtains it adds a definite charm.IMG_0925Just incase you’re wondering what I ate, I devoured the most amazing pizza I have ever had. I’d definitely recommend The Plough if you ever pay Birmingham a visit!


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