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How To: Shabby Chic Jewellery Box

Today I’m going to show you how to transform a plain wooden jewellery box into a beautiful shabby chic addition to your home!

To do this project you will need:
– Masking tape
– White matt paint
– Coloured matt paint
– Clear varnish
– Sandpaper
– Wallpaper/wrapping paper
– Brushes
– White spirit (to clean your paint brushes!)

1. Prepare: Make sure your jewellery box is clean! If not then give it a wipe down with some sugar water to remove any dirt. If there is any metal detail on your box, such as handles or hinges, remove them if you can. Put these in a safe place! There’s nothing worse than losing that all important screw.. Any fabric should be covered too. To do this I improvised, using paper and masking tape to protect any fabric from wayward paint splodges!

2. Sand: Sand down your box thoroughly. This can get a bit fiddly, so fold your sandpaper to get into all of the little bits of detail on the box. Anything that you don’t sand properly the paint will have trouble sticking to! Check out my post ‘A Girl (and Guys) Guide to Sanding Wood’ for helpful tips!

3. Paint: Paint your box with a base coat of white paint. You only need a coat or two, and it doesn’t have to be perfect, remember, it’s shabby chic!

4. Paint again!: When your coat of white paint has dried give your box a coat or two of coloured matt paint. You judge how many coats you want; do you want the brush strokes to show or do your want a thick, bold covering? For a ‘shabbier’ look, try using less coats of paint.

5. Paper the lid: My box has an opening lid, and I thought it would be cute to add some paper to the top of it. I drew around the shape of the lid, then cut the shape out of paper. First, add a coat of varnish to the top of the wood, then stick down the paper, using the varnish as glue! Smooth down the paper then allow it to dry. When the paper is dry, put a coat of varnish over the top just to secure it down. Trim any unruly edges down to make the paper neater!

6. Make it shabby chic: Now for the bit that makes the most difference! Take a piece of sandpaper and go crazy! There’s no real art to this, just perseverance and a bit of luck. You get the hang of it after a while, and I learnt how much pressure to apply to get through the different layers of paint. It’s a bit trial and error, but so satisfying!

7. Varnish again: When you’ve finished sanding add a coat of varnish to ensure your paint stays in place. The varnish also helps to bring out the wood that shows through, giving you the first glimpse of your finished piece!

8. Put it back together: Once the varnish is dry, your box is almost finished! It’s time to put it back together. Reattach all of the parts you took off at the start; hinges, screws, door handles and all. Also remove any protective covering you added, in my case it was a lot of paint covered masking tape!

9. Admire your creation!


9 thoughts on “How To: Shabby Chic Jewellery Box

  1. hey Kiki!

    go you with the DYI!!! I have been inspired watching your blog from class evolve. you are so good about posts regularly too. (I’m so not there yet)

    how did u make the washi tape on your pics? it’s perfect for this post!!

    talk soon!

      • thx so much! pugsly pixel is the best. I heard of her through an earlier BYW but I don’t always read her posts.
        thx again!! keep up the great momentum.

      • It’s great! I found it while looking for cute premade things to add to my blog until I get photoshop and find time for a course!
        I’ll do my best! I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit at the moment but once my university dissertation is in I can blog almost full time for a little bit which will be lovely 🙂

      • ur doing great! I was just admiring ur social media buttons. photoshop is good but not always critical early on with all the diff apps & others sites like picmonkey etc.

        whn ur ready Nicole’s classes are good for basic skill classes like photoshop, illustrator etc.


      • Aww thank you 🙂 I got them online just by looking around! I’ve been using Scribus at the moment to ‘make’ things for my blog (adding tape etc to pictures) but once I finish my degree I’m really keen on taking a few classes to get a bit of an introduction to designing stuff on a computer!

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