Pretty Purchases

Pretty Purchases: Swatches

I have a new guilty pleasure; ordering fabric swatches online. Mostly, they’re free, and they’re great to use for inspiration boards! My housemate and I want to start making cushion covers too, and it’s a really useful way to see what fabrics will look like together before purchasing a large amount to use for crafts. There will be a few posts to come on my fabric swatch hauls, but for now here’s a post on my recent delivery from, and wow was it a lovely surprise! is a website that sells sofas, armchairs and beds. Their choice of designs and upholstery is varied and worth having a browse. also sells beautiful scatter cushions, which could prove dangerous for my bank balance in the future!sofa1Within my delivery was a little fold out book/box. The inventive design is a really nice touch for an item that was free, and all of my goodies looked so inviting inside. I was really impressed at the effort and quality of something that is essentially free. I know it’s supposed to encourage a purchase, and honestly after receiving this packet I would definitely revisit their website for inspiration (or if I ever want to buy a Sofa!)IMG_1292

Inside my pack:

  • A fold out mini guide to
  • Fabric swatches
  • A set of furniture cards

The fold out mini guide is decorated on the back with some beautifully styled photographs of’s products. The fabric swatches were great, and will definitely be used in some inspiration boards soon, so keep watching for a post or two! The real surprise in this packet were the furniture cards. While I was browsing the swatches, I saw the option to order some cards with pictures and details of different furniture styles available. I’d never seen these as an option anywhere else before, and I was intrigued so I ordered a few as they were free. WOW. On the front of each card is a stunning photograph taken magazine-editorial-style of a piece of furniture and on the back is a diagram of the furniture piece complete with measurements and materials. These are great and were a wonderful treat. I can’t wait to use these to add something special to an inspiration board.sofa2I thought I’d show a picture of the full colourful collection of items in my packet. As you can see, there was so much I could barely photograph it all! The delivery was extremely quick too, so I didn’t have to wait long for my little treats.


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