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Inspiring Design: Container City

Following the popularity of my last post on container homes, I thought I’d decidate another Inspiring Design post to this innovative design. Container City I and II are located not too far away from the corner of London I grew up in. I had no idea it was there at all, but since discovering it I’ve found out why Container City is so special.

Container City II

Container City II

Container City I and II were built in Trinity Buoy Wharf, in the Docklands, London. The entire Container I project took 5 months to complete, while the actual assembly only took 4 days. Container II took 8 days to assemble. That’s one of the joys of container homes; the quick nature of the projects as exterior walls don’t have to be built, and containers can stack neatly on top of each other.

Container City II Balcony

Container City II Balcony

The project was designed by Nicholas Lacey Architects and the engineer was Buro Happold. Container City was a pioneering project in 2001, but I still think it’s pretty special. Container City I is built from 80% recycled materials, so it’s eco-friendly too.

Inside Container City I

Inside Container City I

Container City features 12 work studios and 3 live/work apartments. The additional Container City II hosts 22 studios. I love the bright colours outside, and the little balconies that add a quirky touch to what could be an industrial space.


Inside a workspace

Container City was developed especially for artists who need a studio to work in, creating an artistic community and a space to share ideas.Container_City_massing_modelI found this model here which explains how Container City I and II are constructed. It’s such a logical but effective design, using the stacking ability of the boxes to create a unique and quirky exterior with a functional interior. Wonderful!


All images property of Container City.

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