Pretty Purchases

Pretty Purchases: Bootsale Bargains

This morning I visited my local Bootsale with my housemates Ali and Gary. I love going to bootsales, there are so many bargains to be found and some really unique pieces. I thought I’d share my finds with you today and a little piece of news..b1I bought:

  • Box frame – 50p
  • Spray paint – 2 for £5
  • Glass bottle – £1
  • Vintage Kilner Jar – £1.20
  • Jewellery Boxes

b7This bottle is so cute! As you can see from a recent post here, I’ve been on the look out for vintage perfume bottles. Although this isn’t exactly a perfume bottle, I love the vintage style while remaining simple and elegant. And it was a bargain too!jarMy favorite item was the Kilner Jar. This was a bargain compared to what they sell for online, and I found out by doing some research it may be from the 1930s-40s. How amazing I managed to pick up a little item with such a secret story.b8And finally… my little piece of news! These two boxes may not look like much now, but remember this? One of my goals is to open an Etsy shop, and these two boxes may well be my first pieces of shabby-chic stock. The one on the right is exactly the same as my box, while the one on the left is a petite option. I plan to open the shop some time in May, so keep watching for announcements!


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