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My Home: Shelf Declutter

My shelves were a cluttered state. As an English student I have more books than I have room for, and a few little ornaments I want to display. The problem is space. I let my shelves go for a while and look what happened…r99As you can see, there’s very little organisation at all. Books are stacked infront of books, all my ornaments obscure most of the items I actually use, and getting anything down is really difficult. Something had to be done, but I wasn’t sure what. I looked online for shelf inspiration, and this is what I found…

I was really inspired by the use of stacked books next to upright books. This solved my space problem, as I could stack as many books as I wanted while having my favourite collection displayed upright. Using minimal ornaments to compliment the books was my next important change. So here’s what I did!top shelfThis is my new top shelf. I stacked most of my books, and kept a few complimentary books upright to add a bit of variation. I removed the money box, as I could barely reach it up there and it never got used. Instead, I added a cute shabby-chic tin and decorated bottle to continue the colour scheme from my beautiful bowed box.middle shelfMy middle shelf is such a drastic change! I love being able to show off my second-hand finds properly as the spines of some of them are really lovely. I kept ornaments to a minimum, using them to add something extra instead of being an overpowering focus. I also moved my photo frames to my window ledge, where they look much better!bottom shelfMy bottom shelf is a lot less cluttered. While this shelf is more functional than the others and still isn’t perfect, my small vignette is now well thought out and most importantly this shelf is now in use again.

Tips To Declutter Your Shelves
– Look for inspiration
– Plan before you start
– Be ruthless!
– Function before fashion
– Create something beautiful!

What are your tips to make decluttering easy? I’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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