Pretty Purchases

Pretty Purchases: Papermash #2

Alright, I admit it, I might be a bit obsessed with Papermash. I love their mix of products, from an abundance of Washi tape to pretty stationary and craft accessories, Papermash has an awesome selection to choose from. I was so happy with the quality of products from my first order, I thought I’d get a few more bits and bobs that I’d had my eye on.

pm1The items I purchased were:

pm3I love the little notepads. The altitude pad is teeny and perfect for little memos. I’m not sure what I’ll use the leaf book for yet, possibly just jotting down ideas on the go! It’s a lovely colour and I want to add a bit of washi tape… just to spice it up.
I’ve been coveting teeny clothes pegs for a long time, but I’ve always tried to find them ‘on the cheap’. Eventually, I gave in as I thought the price on Papermash was reasonable. The box the pegs come in is really lovely and will definitely be used again. The pegs themselves are really small and absolutely perfect. I can’t wait to customise them a bit and use them in my inspiration nook.pm2Again, Lynne, the owner of Papermash, included a lovely little thank you postcard. It’s gone straight up on the wall as it’s just as beautiful as the last one!pm4My favourite item of all has to be the Honeycomb tissue balls. I’m intent on learning how to make one from scratch, but for now this is a lovely spring addition to my room. The Aqua colour is so bright and cheery, and adds a little bit of girly charm.

What’s your favourite Papermash product? I’d love to know!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png




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