The Big Move

The Big Move: Handmade Inspiration

At the end of June I’m moving house to a maisonette flat. I’ll be sharing it with my two best friends, and it really is a lovely flat. This move is ‘big’ for a lot of reasons, mainly the amount of stuff we have to move! As a house we’ve collected a lot of furniture, which in retrospect isn’t the most practical thing as renters. We’re approaching this with positivity though, and it will be worth it once we’re in! To be honest, we’re all going to be sad about leaving our current house, and part of me really doesn’t want to go. Unfortunately, we don’t need a three bed house next year, and it’s been bought from our landlord and won’t be let next year, so we have no option but to move. To make the best of this situation, we’ve starting to think about how we’ll decorate once we’re in. Moving to a new place means a whole new set of rooms to decorate, and although June may be far away I always like to plan ahead!new flat 1When I make inspiration boards I usually use the computer. I found a set of watercolour paints the last time I went back to my parents house in London and wanted to try them out. I’m not great at art, but I always find it satisfying making things by hand. I even had a go at some of the floorplan techniques I’ve learnt on my Diploma course. It’s by no means perfect but I had fun making it!

Screen Shot 2013-04-18 at 21.22.02.pngThe kitchen has a girlie theme, using bright colours wall decor and accessories to brighten what is essentially a plain white space.

The living room will be more relaxing. This summer I’m going to Morocco and Thailand, so I’ll be on the look out for throws, cushions and rugs to make the living room a more welcoming space.

Ali decided that the bathroom should have a boat theme, and I completely agree. The bathroom is a pale green/blue, so using blue, nautical themed accessories will bring the room back to life.

My room is a loft room, with one small window in the slope of the ceiling. I want my bed to be separate from the rest of my room so I plan to curtain it off as it wil be placed in its own nook. The rest of my room will be bright and focussed towards my work. I plan to have an inspiration wall or board, but nothing to overpowering as I want to make the most of the light without using overpowering wall decorations.

Have you got any ideas? I’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

4 thoughts on “The Big Move: Handmade Inspiration

  1. Hey! I like your blog very much, and think it deserves more attention, so I nominated it for the Liebster award! If you don’t know what that is, you can check out my recent post about it. Nice work, and keep blooging!

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