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A little update!


table decorations at my cousins 21st garden party

Hello everyone! As my posting has been pretty irregular I thought I’d give you all a little update on what’s going on with North Leads To Home behind the scenes at the moment. Big things have been happening and its all very exciting! If you’ve had a peek at my Twitter you may already know some of this, but here are all the details!

Today I handed in the hard copy of my dissertation. This means I have a lot less work now, and although I have a take-home exam to prepare for, I’ll have a bit more time to dedicate to NLTH now. On the downside, while having an amazing time at my cousins 21st garden party, I managed to roll my ankle while walking down some very dark steps. I’m on crutches, meaning leaving the house is a bit of a mission, so there probably won’t be any more ‘Pretty Purchases‘ posts for a while!

I’m also in the process of moving to, instead of This will mean a lot of big changes for NLTH. It’s a move I’ve been considering for a long time, but after speaking to a friend who had recently done the same thing, I was encouraged that I could manage it! For updates on this process, check out my twitter here. So what does this move mean for you guys? For a start, I hope to start having some advertising on the blog. I know it’s a bit annoying, but as I’m starting to put money and time in to NLTH it would be nice to get a few pennies in return! On the plus side, moving to .org also means I can have a custom layout, and all sorts of fun ‘add ons’ like an Instagram feed to bring all of my accounts together in one place.

This week is Etsy Week, meaning that every day (weather permitting!) I’ll be making some stock for my Etsy shop. Due to last minute dissertation panics my shop will be opening early May. Expect a post soon with some photos of items I’ll be selling on Etsy.

I’ve been quietly working away on NLTH emagazine. The first issue will launch in June, and I can let you know that the magazine will be lifestyle based, not just interiors, although they will play a main role! I have so many talented friends with passions for cooking, travel, photography, fashion and crafts, and they’re all keen to get involved. I’m so excited to share the first issue with you all in June, it’s promising to be great!

Thank you for bearing with me while NLTH goes through some changes. It will be worth it, pinky promise!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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