Wishlist: Decoholic

Decoholic is a discounted furniture website, featuring luxurious pieces at reduced prices. Items move quickly so if you’re interested there’s not a lot of time to consider! The items on Decoholic are completely unrealistic for me to actually purchase but they do have some wonderful pieces to admire. The Decoholic stock changes regularly, but this is what they offered today that caught my fancy.

The Churchill – This chair is a great way to bring some grown-up class into the home. While featuring the classic sophisticated French style, the chair is upholstered in linen, making it a more friendly option than some of the other furniture.

The Lille – This French style chair is upholstered in a sumptuous purple. I love how full and comfy the cushion looks, which is quite a difference to most stately chairs.

The Armelle – This winged chair has an understated elegance, using muted colours to create a sophisticated look.

The Lyon – Another French style armchair, the Lyon is beautifully upholstered with another large cushion! The muted gold and grey/purple are a lovely combination.

The Metz – This chest is 18th Century style and is a more ‘grown up’ option to heavily distressed shabby-chic furniture. Somehow, this chest manages to have a charm of its own using minimal detail.

The Chester – The Chester is upholstered in natural linen. I think this is my favourite chair of the selection. It looks so cosy and inviting, while having a strong personality of its own. The buttons are a great touch!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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