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Inspiring Design: Adam Kalkin’s ‘Bunny Lane’


I’ve come across various photographs of Bunny Lane for a while now, mainly the two iconic images of the wall of shipping container rooms and the quaint clapboard house contained in a vast warehouse space made of industrial steel. I never thought to put the two together. Eventually, I decided to hunt down the source of that wonderful little clapboard house nestled in a warehouse. That was when I discovered Adam Kalkin’s ‘Bunny Lane’, in Bernadsville, New Jersey. Bunny Lane is an amalgamation of different styles, both modern and country, that manage to work together in contrast to produce what really is a striking home.


From the exterior, Bunny Lane resembles an oversized shipping container. This is fitting, as Kalkin made his name producing sustainable ‘Quik’ houses from shipping containers. The only hint that Bunny Lane has more beneath the surface is the quirky ‘cut out’ house silhouette. The outside alone is like a little introduction to the interior. It’s already clear that Kalkin is pushing the traditional sense of what a ‘house’ is.


Kalkin uses his staple design method, the shipping container, to create one of the main features of Bunny Lane. One of the ends of the large warehouse-like structure is stacked with shipping containers, each producing a tiny room.


The quirky spiral staircase between the first and second floor adds personality. Each floor has a different colour scheme, working subtly with the industrial interior to add injections of homely comfort.




I still struggle to get my head around how striking this is. The 19th century clapboard house was originally on the site, and somehow manages to work with the harsh surroundings. The interior of this sweet little house is much more homely than that of the containers. Bold colours and loud furniture is used to give the interior a boho, country feel.




The vast warehouse space is broken up with living areas. Sofas and tables are used to zone these areas, ensuring that the spaces feel intimate and enclosed within such a vast building.

Do you prefer modern or country style? Have you dared to mix the two? I’d love to hear from you!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png


All images property of Peter Aaron.


One thought on “Inspiring Design: Adam Kalkin’s ‘Bunny Lane’

  1. I love the little house within the warehouse, it makes such a vast space so cosy… I love both modern and old style even more so when they are mixed up.. adds a little something different rather than sticking to the rules. 🙂

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