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5 Tips To Present Your House

With The Big Move coming up, it got me thinking about presenting a house for sale. A couple of my favourite television programmes at the moment are Sarah Beaney’s Double Your House For Half The Money and Phil Spencer’s Secret Agent and I’ve definitely picked up a tip or two. As a renter, I’ve looked around my fair share of properties. It was similar things each time that made me interested or put me off, so for anyone thinking of selling their house, or wanting to make their home a more appealing space for visitors, these tips are for you!


a sparkling clean bathroom

Keep It Clean

This may sound obvious, but any dirt is such a no-no. Although I’ve mostly viewed student houses, I was often appalled at the state they were in. One had old bin bags left in the kitchen and hall which made the whole place stink. Bizarrely, we rented this flat in the end. After the second viewing, when both the bin bags and smell had been removed.

If you have pets, try and keep their areas clean and tidy. When my parents were moving we looked round a house where the whole conservatory smelt of wet dog, which was not very appealing!
Grubby bathrooms are another housing turn off. Even giving surfaces a quick wipe over before viewings or visitors can make a real difference.

minimal ornaments displayed to maximum effect

minimal ornaments displayed to maximum effect

Declutter and Tidy

For a prospective buyer it’s often hard to imagine where their stuff will fit when surrounded by lots of other things. A few items on show to add personality and decoration is good, your whole collection of frog ornaments is bad. You catch my drift!

thin curtains let in light

thin curtains let in light

Maximise Light

This can be as simple as adding pale, drawn-back curtains or as committed as painting a room a bright colour such as white. Either way, make the most of the light within your space. It can make a small room feel bigger, while a light and airy feel will put your visitors at ease.

hide a home office in an armoire

hide a home office in an armoire

Give rooms a clear function

Make sure every room has a clear use and stick to it! Decorate to make the best use of the room so your buyers can know how to use the space. If a room has more than one function that’s ok too, but make sure the different areas are clearly designated. For example, in a home office make sure any files or equipment are neatly stored and don’t creep into a living space.

angle furniture around a feature fireplace

angle furniture around a feature fireplace

Show off your best features

You know why your house is lovely, you’ve lived there after all! Now you just have to show it to everyone else. That feature fireplace, unique view, beautiful floor or stunning window, whatever it is then show it off. Make sure your décor accentuates whatever feature you think is best by making your feature the focal point of the room, or working the colour scheme around the shade of your flooring.

Have you got any tips for presenting your home? I’d love to hear your ideas!

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