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Best Bits of Sharing a House

As my time as university undergraduate is coming to an end I thought I’d do a post of my favourite parts of sharing a house. It can be daunting moving in with people you don’t know, or even taking the plunge and moving in with your friends for the first time, so I thought I’d share some of the perks to ease your minds!

making new friends

making new friends

Making friends with the people you live with is so much fun. Even if you’re already friends, sharing a house together is a completely different experience. In the end, I think you become closer for spending so much time together. You learn their annoying habits and they grow on you, and you get to be a best friend 24/7 which I love. As I live with my best friends now, its so much fun and I’m really going to miss it.

sharing the bills

sharing the bills

This is an obvious perk, but it’s great to be able to share expenses. While this can, at times, cause arguments, if you sort everything out clearly in advance with direct debits or using a student bill splitting company such as Glide, then you can reap the savings without any of the trauma.

nights in

nights in

I love nothing more than spending a night in with my housemates, watching a film, playing board games and chilling out after a day of university work. It’s always great to come home to a full house and an evening full of talking and fun.



When we eat as a house it’s really lovely. Sometimes we’ll have huge meals or BBQs and invite all our friends round. Even when we eat separately, we often eat at the same time so its always sociable.

birthdays (and any other celebrations)

birthdays (and any other celebrations)

Sharing a house with friends is amazing when it comes to birthdays. For mine, we had a house party with all of our friends. For Alis, she woke me up when she was awake and we had a champagne breakfast. For Christmas we have a huge dinner like a little family. For any other celebrations, they start whenever we’re awake and end whenever because most of my friends live with me or spend a lot of time in our house.



It was midnight and I went downstairs to clean my teeth. My housemate was at the fridge making an insane midnight snack. We stopped and had a little chat and it was a lovely end to my day. Living with a few people means that there are always lovely surprises every now and then. Little moments like that are my one of my favourite things about living with all of my friends.

While I may be sad about leaving my current house and housemates, I’ll be living with both Ali and Gary next year so I won’t be all alone! And on the plus side, my housemate and friends who are leaving are definitely on to bigger and better things. Check out Jade’s blog JourneyCount, she’s heading to South Korea after we graduate to teach.

Keep watching for North Leads To Home emagazine launching in June.

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