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Inspiring Design: Ikea Summer Gardens

The Ikea Summer ad campaign is such a guilty pleasure. I really shouldn’t find it as funny as I do, but there’s something strangely endearing about gnomes avenging their garden. If you haven’t seen it, you really should. Check out the video below… Gnomes aside, I love Ikea’s current range of garden furniture. Even better, this summer campaign is accompanied by some beautifully styled garden photographs. With summer slowly creeping round the corner I can’t wait to spend more time in my garden while we have it. These wonderful photos have inspired me to make the most of my garden, so here they are! 935072_518061918231440_1881980938_n This nighttime scene is from the main ad campaign (see the little grumpy gome!) and I love the mix of bright colours. Turquoise, yellow, pink and white brights are all popular this summer, and mixing them together gives a bold, eclectic feel. The soft fairy lights in the trees and the hanging lanterns make this a really inviting space. Plus, how amazing is that gazebo?! 972150_520468664657432_865292303_n This ad campaign Ikea have gone all artsy and I like it! I hadn’t thought about hanging items from trees before, but this is something I’ll have to try before I move. The tea cups look great and I love the bold blue chairs. 247786_520107044693594_1812606212_n Much of Ikea’s summer garden range features playful colours and prints. These cushions would look amazing both outside and inside. I’m also a huge fan of the hanging paper balls, I have one in my room but I can already tell I’ll be tempted by these when I next go to Ikea… 400767_518329514871347_1376276447_n I love this photograph! The dip dyed fabric is amazing and something that could easily be recreated at home as its imperfections are part of its charm. Again, the paper balls make an appearance, but this time they’re dip dyed too. I think a DIY project may be happening soon! 936618_518737844830514_2049667812_n Ikea also has some cute items to bring the outside in. I love these teeny brightly coloured plant pots. Personally, I would mix them up with some clear bottles and jars to add a bit of variation. As we may be growing some herbs indoors when we move I might have to invest in a few tiny pots! 13359_519798544724444_444383557_n Looks like the gnomes lost to Ikea this time! So what do you make of their current ad campaign? I feel a bit bad for the gnomes, but I love their current collection.

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png


All images property of Ikea.

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