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This week I’ve been up to quite a bit, making the most of my free time before I got my final assessment questions today. So, I thought I’d share my last week with you insta-style!

While the weather was nice we had so many BBQs. Here, you can see my housemate and friends being cavemen. Awesome. I also took a little trip up some hills near where I live, it was a beautiful day and I even managed to see to Wales which was surreal. I also visited the Birmingham Museum for the first time. I went to a wonderful exhibition called Metropolis which featured lots of art based around cities. I also learnt loads of fun facts about Birmingham as a city, did you know it was founded by a guy called Peter de Birmingham? Me neither! Check out this cool old motorcycle that I saw, it’s amazing.

In the Spring/Summer vibe I added some rose twine around my mirror which makes it look a lot less plain. This week, Sidney’s been extra naughty but extra cute in equal measure. Here, he’s looking very cheeky, I wonder what he’s plotting… I’ve also been adoring my little teacup. I can’t wait to give it a better place in my room when I move.

Today, Ali and I cleaned the house. Although the bathroom floor will never look clean, everything else is now pretty spotless! Mid clean living room and very clean bathroom, lovely! And lastly… work. But only for one more week!

Screen Shot 2013-04-14 at 22.37.13.png

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